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Vernon Maytone Making Serious Music in Montreal

The Maytones’ Vernon Buckley and Gladstone Grant started singing at a very tender age for GG’s Records in Kingston Jamaica. The first two songs the Maytones recorded Loving Reggae and Funny Man were very big hits in Jamaica, Europe, Africa, United States and many other countries. The group started gaining international recognition and they kept making great songs, including MadnessBowee WoweeSerious LoveAfrica we Want to Go to name a few. 

One of the Maytones’ greatest hits was the ever-popular Money Worries. This mega-hit was the leading song in the Jamaican movie ‘Rockers’. The group has recorded well over 300 songs and still going strong. The period 1968-1980 was a very exciting time for the Maytones. They were young aspiring artists already climbing the reggae charts at home and abroad.

Vernon Maytone who now lives in Canada started his solo career around 1981-1982, he worked for a few years with the Canadian group Bedouin Soundclash both in the studio and on tours in Canada, Europe and the United States. In 2004, Vernon re-recorded his hit song Money Worries on the Bedouin Soundclash CD, Sounding a Mosaic, which was a big hit in Canada, Europe, and many other countries. Money Worries was featured in a TV series “Falcon Beach”. Vernon was awarded two Gold records and one Platinum. On the Bedouin Soundclash CD Street Gospel, Vernon did 2 tracks: Higher Ground and Jealousy. In 2008, Vernon did his song One Way on Bedouin Soundclash Lullaby CD. One Way gained popularity as it was featured in the Movie “Nurse Fighter Boy”. It was also featured on the TV series “Da Kink in my Hair”. Most recently, Money Worries was featured in the Matt Damon movie ” Downsizing”.

Vernon Maytone’s career is constantly rising, touring regularly to places like Europe, Los Angles, Las Vegas among many other cities in the United States, Brazil, Israel, St Lucia, Mexico to name a few. Being the owner of a recording studio coupled with his drive and passion for music, Vernon is constantly in the studio making music. This independence and dedication are the motivators to his success in the music industry. Vernon desires to continue to entertain and inspire everyone through his music.

His latest singles Mr Robber Man, Can’t Afford to Lose You and Things Gonna Change and all Vernon Maytone’s music are available on all leading online music stores.

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