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Social Networking Platform for Indigenous People Growing Rapidly

Tivalli is a social networking platform website established in 2019 for Indigenous, Afrocentric and any other marginalized groups who have always been disadvantaged when it comes to media. The interactive platform located in Toronto; Canada offers multiple accessibilities depending on people’s need for everyday media service.

The creator of Tivalli established the user-friendly media forum because many users had gotten frustrated with other platforms because of restrictions or limitations, especially with businesses who are seeking a different platform to advertise, promote or even showcase their product or service. The people who are responsible for behind the scenes of these networks control everything, giving the owner of the account no choice but to either delete the account or create a new one due to constant hacking into the system.

There is now a networking platform that will connect and share to family, friends and will assist businesses that offer entertainment services the reassurance to stay connected with their listeners and viewers. All members with Tivalli have control of their platforms; there is no need to worry about intrusion.

Tivalli whose tagline is Enjoy the rhythm of life with us, is a free monthly membership-based online platform that offers a variety of services like a Marketplace to facilitate the sale of merchandise, engaging podcasts, Pay-Per-View to establish interactive talk shows, ability to stream concerts, shows or events from anywhere around the globe, video uploading to a channel and sharing of information to an audience. The Ticket Agent function permits purchasing of tickets to attend a concert or festival.

Currently, membership and all other services Tivalli offers are free and will be continuing well into 2022. Since the inception of the platform three years ago, the viewership has grown to over 140,000. Visit and register or contact if further information is required. Once registered, you can browse the site to familiarize yourself and start connecting with friends and family online.

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