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Talking Mood Swing with DaJourney

Toronto-based artist/producer DaJourney delves into a sensitive issue on ‘Mood Swing’, his latest song, which was released in January. It looks at mental health, and how it affects an individual and their family.

DaJourney, who is originally from West Kingston in Jamaica, said ‘Mood Swing’ was “inspired by real events, real emotions, and firsthand experiences.”  A committed Christian, he disclosed that the song is a personal statement which had to be shared.

“As a man, as a leader, as a husband, as a father, a brother, an artist, and as a minister, we can feel reduced in effect, force, and value. Our self-consciousness then takes an attenuated role in enforcing our decisions. We then tend to deal with what we assume is important, while the bits and pieces pile up against us. It is these small moments that cause multiple collisions and destroy the things we enjoy the most,” DaJourney said.

Over the years, DaJourney has recorded a number of songs, but also collaborates with fellow Jamaican reggae-gospel acts such as Sone G, Chris Da Ambassada and Prince Saj. Last October, he and Sone G’s song, ‘Sweet Eeh’, won Collab of The Year category at the Sterling Gospel Music Awards in Kingston.

As part of his ministry, DaJourney believes it is important to make music that starts a conversation.

“It is particularly important to highlight the difficulties, and not just the breakthrough. It is the imperfect that justifies the problem, and the eagerness to find answers that makes us better people,” he reasoned.

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