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Skystar’s ‘Sky’s The Limit’ EP Soars to 159k Streams on Spotify in Four Days”

Edmonton, Alberta based dancehall artist Skystar is gaining deserved attention with his latest EP, ‘Sky’s The Limit.’  Released on October 6, 2023, this six-track EP quickly captured the hearts of reggae enthusiasts, garnering an impressive 159,000 streams on Spotify within its first four days. But what sets this project apart is not just the record-breaking numbers but also the remarkable collaborative effort behind it.

Skystar, a seasoned reggae artist with a rich history, has crafted a high-quality project that has left fans and critics alike in awe. As the artist’s first foray into the reggae genre, ‘Sky’s The Limit’ showcases the maturity and prowess that Skystar has developed over the years.

One of the key players in this monumental success is none other than Richard Dawkins, the CEO of Dietmonkey Entertainment from Toronto, Canada. Dawkins expressed his delight in being part of this groundbreaking project, stating, “I’ve been working closely with Skystar for two years, and I’ve seen potential above the average. I know he is going to be the face of reggae music in all of North America.”

Skystar’s journey to reggae stardom also involves Vigilanti Entertainment, a powerhouse production label based in Jamaica. Vigilanti has been grooming Skystar’s talent since he was just 15 years old, and they were responsible for releasing his first radio song, ‘SIMI YA,’ in 2005. Their support has been instrumental in shaping Skystar’s artistic evolution.

Not to be overshadowed, Skystar’s very own CORNATRENDZ MUSIC label is also a significant contributor to the EP’s production. This collaborative effort reflects the cohesion and shared vision of multiple industry giants.

The standout track on the EP, ‘LEARNT’ featuring Rhyme Well, has gained Skystar an incredible amount of local and international press attention. This track’s appeal has resulted in Skystar being fully booked for shows and festivals throughout the entirety of 2023, a testament to his rapidly growing fan base and the EP’s undeniable quality.

‘Sky’s The Limit’ is now available on all major media outlets, providing fans worldwide with a sonic journey through Skystar’s vision of reggae music. The EP’s success not only highlights the artist’s exceptional talents but also exemplifies the power of collaboration in the world of reggae. Skystar’s musical journey continues to rise, and there’s no telling where the sky’s limit truly lies for this young talented artist.

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