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Return of Iba Mahr, the General

It’s been some time since the music public heard any new material from Iba Mahr. The roots singer makes a comeback with ‘General’, a song produced by Notis Recordz.

The track salutes ‘generals’ of black culture such as Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, Marcus Garvey and Mortimo Planno. Iba Mahr uses a popular term for respect among Jamaicans to hail his heroes.

“To be a general is an honorable title, this song speaks to the dignity and honor of what a general is. We, Jamaican musicians, are on the continued path of embracing the foundation of our culture and musical heritage. General offers an understanding of the names of leaders and Rastafarians we recognize as some of the most influential figures throughout history,” he explained.

Iba Mahr is known for songs like ‘Diamond Sox’ and ‘Great is H.I.M.’ From rural St. Catherine parish, he emerged on the music scene 10 years ago and has released one album and two EPs to date.

‘Great is H.I.M.’, his first EP, was released by Tad’s International Record in 2014. The following year saw his debut album, ‘Diamond Sox’, issued by VP records.

‘Get Up and Show’, his second EP, was released by Munich, Germany-based Oneness Records in 2018. It has collaborations with German singer Patrice and Agent Sasco.

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