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ReggaeXclusive Magazine Promoting Reggae in Canada for 19 Years and counting

Loraine Gomes Aka Donna  Makeda. was a professional reggae recording artist years before the ReggaeXclusive Magazine concept was even a thought in her mind. The epiphany came while trying to promote her music and realized reggae wasn’t getting its fair share of mentions or highlights in the Canadian media, especially print media. Gomes having some experience in publishing and being heavily involved in the music industry saw the need for an outlet that would help with the publicity and promotion of reggae in Canada. Armed with her desire, faith and the support of her partner Prince Everald, in April 2002, ReggaeXclusive magazine was born.

“I knew that a lot of talented artists were having the same challenges as I when it came to promotion and advertising in print media,” she said. “So, From April 2002, my partner Prince Everald who gave the magazine the name ReggaeXclusive, decided we were going to put all our effort in making this outlet successful and available for everyone”.

Reggae Icon Bunny Wailer was the featured artist on the cover of the first publication of the magazine. Since then, it has been very consistent coming out as a quarterly reggae entertainment magazine. Their main objective according to Gomes, is to continue promoting Canadian artists, their music and get them seen and heard in Canada. “During this time when we are experiencing a worldwide pandemic and artists cannot tour nationally or internationally, or do live outdoor/indoor concerts, we recommend artists keep promoting so they can be seen, heard and remain relevant”, she said. “Promote, promote, promote, whether it’s free or paid promotion, all promotion is good”, Gomes emphasized. “Whether it be print media, radio, television, movies, online media, social media, websites, it is all good”.

ReggaeXclusive is run strictly on advertising dollars, so they are grateful to all supporters and advertisers for their contributions that have helped the magazine from the beginning to now. “There are a lot of good people, who have helped us along the way, who have sent potential advertisers to us, and we give thanks for that and appreciate them”, Gomes said.

For several years ReggaeXclusive has saluted their supporters and contributors in the form of an award ceremony showing appreciation for their contribution and loyalty. However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to make an adjustment in 2020 and The ReggaeXclusive Recognition Awards was cancelled. “We were hoping to continue in 2021, and even started the process, but then another lockdown came with more restrictions, so we had to put it on hold”, Gomes said. They haven’t made a firm decision as yet but hope they will be able to re-launch it for 2022.

Like many businesses, over the years ReggaeXclusive has had its ups and downs. But having a great team of writers, photographers, marketing and sales reps, graphic designers and distributors, they continue to grow into an asset that is providing a needed service to the Reggae community in Canada. ReggaeXclusive is currently in the process of putting together their Winter 2021 issue as well as their 2022 Artist Calendar.

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