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Reggae Month and Black History Month Special: Panel Discussion -The Evolution of Reggae Music and its Global Influence

Reggae music has been a defining aspect of Jamaican culture for over half a century, tracing its roots back to the 1950s and its evolution through various genres such as Mento, Ska, Rock Steady, Early Reggae, Lovers Rock, Roots & Culture, and Dancehall. As we celebrate Reggae Month and Black History Month, Reggae North is hosting a panel discussion on the journey of reggae music and its impact on the world.

The discussion will explore the evolution of reggae music and its influence on other genres such as Reggaeton and Afrobeat. The panel will also delve into the business and monetization opportunities for reggae music and the impact it has had on the lives of those involved.

With reggae music being a global sensation, many question arises – why haven’t we capitalized on such phenomena? How can we advance Jamaican music into the industry giant it appears to be? What are we not doing? Or what are we doing wrong?


The panelists are-



Herbie Miller–Musical Director, Institute of Jamaica. Curator for the Jamaica Music Museum.






Elaine Thompson – Former Radio Host @ G987 FM and IRIE FM – Jamaica. Station Manager CHRY 105.5 FM-Canada. Entrepreneur, Real Estate, and Insurance Broker.









Luther Brown – Educator, PhD Candidate, Radio Host, Producer for over 26 Years @ CHRY 105.5 FM.






Leo Gilling- Narrator- Chairman of Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network. Radio Host. Social Media Personality.



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