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Producer Reaps Success with Valiant’s Sweepstakes Song

Raheem King, the visionary force behind the hot new record label El Chopanuir Records is basking in the success of his latest single, ‘Sweepstakes’.

The song which was recorded by Valiant on the Irrompible rhythm was released three weeks ago. Since then, it has racked up over 500,000 streams on Youtube.

“I am extremely pleased with the response that this song is getting. However, I am not surprised that it’s doing so well because from the moment it was recorded, we knew it was going to be a hit. It’s a great song and Valiant is one of the hottest dancehall artistes in the world right now,” said the producer.

The Irrompible rhythm also features songs from Chronic Law, Rajawild, Kraff, Nation Boss, Rytikal, Ric Wizard, Zizi, Puppa Biggs, Della Rhymes, Davianah and Shaka.

“Right now, this is one of the hottest dancehall projects, all the songs are doing well. They’re getting a lot of support from DJs all over the world, music lovers are streaming and downloading them on various digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Amazon,” he said.

The hardworking producer also pointed out that he is on a mission to unearth new talent in the music business.  “I want to use this label to help as many new artistes as I can to make a name for themselves in the music business. That’s one of the main reasons why I have gotten involved in the music business.”

Born and raised in Clarendon, Raheem cultivated an early fascination with the world of melodies and rhythms.  His love for music and keen business acumen has put him on a path to success in the music industry with his EL Chopanuir Records imprint.

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