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Positive Vibes from Krueshef

While he is big into dancehall and hip-hop music, Krueshef is intolerant when it comes to content that disrespects women. Several of his songs, including his latest ‘RE-Vibes’, elevates the ‘sisters’.  The track is co-produced by Raymond Johnson and Angelo Smith for Kohanim Records.

In an interview with, Krueshef said ‘RE-Vibes’ carries a message consistent with his earlier songs.

“For instance, when I wrote the song about ‘Virtuous Woman’ which I released in February for Reggae Month, my purpose was to call all women to be virtuous and have respect for themselves. My song called ‘God Woman’ is to empower the black woman and all women to know themselves spiritually and still have fun with boundaries,” he explained.

“In contemporary music, our black music, women are looked at like a trophy and it’s all about body parts, sex life, but nothing for the minds.”

Krueshef was born Clarence Joseph in St. Croix, the United States Virgin Islands. A former boxer, he represented the United States as a super-middleweight at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.

He started his recording career as Splittt Personality, and released an album titled ‘Introspective’. As Krueshef, his biggest project to date has been the 2020 EP, ‘We Rise Up’.

His approach to music remains the same despite the change in moniker.  “I believe in making quality music and so it takes a little longer to release the tracks but the fans will love all of Krueshef’s hits and realise the wait is worth it. They are diamonds in the rough,” he said.

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