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Montreal Reggae Veteran Jah Cutta Honored with Wall of Fame Award

Jah Cutta, a seasoned Reggae artist from Montreal, was honored with the prestigious Wall of Fame Award at the Monnaie Money Talent Show, a significant event in Montreal’s cultural scene. Held on February 24 at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, the evening was filled with stellar performances and communal revelry.

The event, now in its 14th year, was organized by the Carrefour Jeunesse-emploi de CDN-NDG. Its purpose was to spotlight Black History Month, foster financial literacy among Montreal’s youth, and provide budding talents with a platform to showcase their skills in a professional setting.

Jah Cutta’s journey in music began in 1977 when he started working on sound systems across Montreal. Encouraged to pursue music professionally, he released his debut single, ‘Tribute to Ethiopia’, in 1981, which quickly gained underground acclaim, propelling him into the spotlight.

The success of ‘Tribute to Ethiopia’ led to numerous bookings at events such as Jamaica Day, various festivals across Canada, and performances at renowned venues like the Silver Dollar and The Bamboo in Toronto. Over the years, Jah Cutta has graced the stage alongside legendary acts like Peter Tosh, The Wailers, and Gregory Issacs, solidifying his reputation for electrifying live performances.

With eight albums and several singles under his belt, Jah Cutta expressed his gratitude for the enduring support of his fans and the recognition from the Montreal community. Receiving the Wall of Fame Award was a deeply humbling experience for the ‘Jah World’ singer, who sees it as a validation of his dedication to Reggae music.

“For me, being acknowledged by my community for my contributions to Reggae is immensely gratifying,” Jah Cutta remarked. “It’s a testament to the power of pursuing your passion and the impact it can have on others.”

In an industry where longevity is rare, Jah Cutta’s continued relevance and influence serve as inspiration for aspiring musicians. As he continues to evolve as an artist, his legacy remains firmly rooted in the hearts of fans and the fabric of Montreal’s music scene.

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