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Miss Tania Lou Receives a Special Award in Atlanta

On March 9, 2024, Lithonia, Georgia, shimmered with Caribbean pride and achievement as the Atlanta Caribbean Community Awards celebrated the brilliance of trailblazers and visionaries. Esteemed leaders of the community committee hailed individuals for their extraordinary contributions across various fields, honoring around 50 recipients from the Caribbean diaspora, locally and globally.

Among the luminaries was Tania Hernandez, known as Miss Tania Lou, a Jamaican folklorist, educator, poet, vocalist, and entertainer. Recognized with a Special Award in Entertainment within the Diaspora, Hernandez captivated audiences with her vibrant performances. Co-Chair Robert Shaw Sr. aptly praised her, drawing parallels between her and the revered Mother of Jamaican Culture, Dr. Louise Bennett-Coverley, fondly called Miss Lou. He commended Hernandez for infusing her presentations with her unique humor and creativity, making her a true ambassador for the diaspora, spanning from Canada to South Florida.

Hernandez enchanted attendees with a blend of song, dance, jokes, and poetry, each imbued with historical significance. Paying homage to Miss Lou, she sang and danced to the iconic folk music, including the beloved ‘Dis Long Time Gyal.’ In a tribute to Jamaica’s musical heritage, she delivered a stirring Spoken Word piece on reggae, culminating in a poignant dub poetry rendition of Miss Lou’s ‘Dutty Tough’ (Ground Hard, Life Hard).

The evening resonated with camaraderie and pride, as Hernandez expressed her gratitude among her peers. “I am humbled and honored to stand among such talented individuals,” she remarked. “Together, we uplift one another, passing on our legacies to the next generation. Our Caribbean community is a source of great joy and strength.”

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