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Kēvens Defends the Legal Dreamers

EDM pioneer Kēvens shows empathy for so-called undocumented migrants entering the United States on ‘Legal Dreamers’, his latest song which was released May 25.

It is his first song in three years. He took a break from recording and performing during the spread of Covid-19 but believes the plight of migrants at the Texas/Mexico border warranted a comeback song.

According to Kēvens, the dilemma is a reflection of the “trials and tribulations of humanity.” He is troubled by the inhumane conditions and treatment many of the undocumented migrants live in, and face.  “We’re seeing how people are belittling people because of where they are from and which political side they are from,” said Kēvens.

The self-produced ‘Legal Dreamers’ is a EDM track with elements of drum and bass. Although his roots are a mix of French-Canadian, Haitian and Guadeloupe, Kēvens was drawn to Jamaican music during his years living in South Florida.  He was also friends with Anthony and Richard Booker, younger brothers of Bob Marley. They were in a band called Le Coup for eight years.

With ‘Legal Dreamers’, Kēvens continues his passion for electro music with reggae and hip-hop leanings. He first experimented with that blend in the late 1990s while living in Miami where he also worked as a sound system DJ.  Kēvens, who lives in Southern California, collaborated with Danny Styles and Ozzy Carmona on ‘Legal Dreamers’.

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