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Jemere Morgan Takes the Lead for Morgan’s Heritage

Jemere Morgan, the vibrant musician, who has been the opening singer for the group for the past 15 years, said it’s truly an honour to fill his uncle’s shoes, as Peetah has left an indelible mark in the hearts of many fans globally.

“I’m gonna jump in a size 12,” he joked. “But duty calls and when one is called upon, we have to do the mission, especially if it’s to carry on the legacy of our family. I love music; it’s a passion of mine. We do this like it’s not a job [because] it’s really not a job to we yuh nuh, especially as a family. It’s a mission; it’s our purpose to heal people through our music and our consciousness,” said Jemere, who is son of Gramps Morgan.

Jemere shared that while touring with the group for years, he has also been performing as a soloist.

“I’ve just started touring back by myself now on my solo career [during which] I’ve toured with international artistes such as Jay Cook and [rock band] Slightly Stoopid. [But] the foundation of just growing up, being around the group and my family, is like a sponge to greatness. [It] helps me to be ready for this position, you know, to fill that role of my uncle,” a proud Jemere said.

In preparing for this new role, the artiste is blessed with a school of knowledge and veterans. But when asked about his personal preparations to embark in the role, he replied:

“Just vocal warm up; ‘La-la-la-la-la’,” he sounded with great laughter. “That’s all we need to be ready, and having the right mindset, because everything is a mindset and where you should be aligned. You know, you’re in the midst of a performance, so you have to lock in. And it takes being away from distractions and just really channeling that energy and that light of being what you want to give people. What is it? What is that message? You know, just thinking about purpose and the intention of what we’re singing before. That’s all I think about before a performance. We just have faith and Jah do the rest,” he said.

Though still mourning, Jemere said he doesn’t allow the emotional pressure of his uncle’s death to be a burden on his performances as he does so with great honour.

“I’ve learned everything I know from my uncles and my auntie Una [and] mi father, especially Uncle Peter. Every time I record a song is him mi call and seh ‘Yow, weh yuh think of dis uncz?’ and him wi seh ‘Change up dis’. If mi even a duh business and mi need fi know how much fi charge fi a dubplate, is him me call. Suh to have dat gone is a big piece of me. But his teachings still stand with me and that’s what I give thanks for,” he said, as he dubbed Peetah as the ‘funniest, sweetest out of all the Morgan Heritage [members]’ and his ‘favourite uncle’.

As the young artiste propels onto higher heights, musically, he said the Morgan Heritage group is open to shows and bookings and will be performing at individual events before undertaking their official tour. As a solo singer, he is currently working on his upcoming album produced by Damion Marley.

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