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Jah’Mila Took Home the Global Music Recording Prize at the 2023 East Coast Music Awards

The Canadian music scene has been blessed with a new reggae star, Jah’Mila, whose musical journey is gaining momentum day by day. Her latest achievement was the Global Music Recording of the Year award at the recently held East Coast Music Awards in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jamaican born Jhamiela ‘Jah’Mila’ Smith has been a beacon for reggae music in Atlantic Canada for the past few years. Her debut LP, ‘Roots Girl’, released in 2022, was recorded in Jamaica, solidifying Jah’Mila’s deep roots in reggae music. The album was described by the Halifax alternative weekly newspaper The Coast as one of their top ten albums of 2022, a powerful testament to Jah’Mila’s artistry.

The East Coast Music Awards, in its 35th anniversary, recognized Jah’Mila’s exceptional talent and presented her with two nominations in the African Canadian Artist of the Year and the Global Recording of the Year categories. Jah’Mila’s win in the Global Recording of the Year category is a testament and acknowledgement of her work, which has been gaining traction in the Canadian music scene.

Recently, Jah’Mila teamed up with the National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada, a 55-member orchestra, led by conductor Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser, for the ‘Reggae Roots’ performance. The performance showcased Jah’Mila’s talent in a new light and presented a fresh take on reggae music, which was highly appreciated by the audiences in Ottawa, Brampton, and Toronto.

Jah’Mila’s music is not just about entertainment but also about social change. She uses her platform to raise awareness about issues such as social justice, environmental protection, and mental health. Jah’Mila believes that music has the power to change the world and she intends to use it to create a positive impact.

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