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Getting High with Freemynz

April 20, or 4/20 as it is referred to globally in marijuana circles, is a time when advocates of that plant celebrate its virtues. A lot of supporters even get stoned by smoking blunts, spliffs or bongs.

Reggae duo Freemynz have a different take on ‘Get High’, their latest song, which is being released on April 19, one day before 4/20 which is dedicated to all thing’s marijuana, or ganja as it is known in their native Jamaica.

“Get High’ is definitely encouraging listeners to detach from life’s challenges and negative outlook, while inviting each and everyone to immerse themselves in the music and embrace moments of pure joyfulness,” said Shango Trex of Freemynz, who co-wrote the song with music partner Catapila and Andre Fennell.

He noted that while they are aware of 4/20 and the events that mark the day, they are not big observers. They are also not smokers but have an open mind when it comes to the use of marijuana.

“We support the legalization or decriminalization of weed. It has numerous medical properties that are still being explored, and it can have beneficial effects for many people,” said Shango Trex.

Produced by Gate Citizens, ‘Get High’ is the follow-up to Disbelief’ which was released in January. That song set the pace for what Freemynz hopes will be a fruitful year.

“We’ve been quite busy over the past 18 months! Reintroducing ourselves with records in 2023, continuing to create new music for our catalog of singles, putting out more records this year thus far and building up our promotional team with experts in various fields,” Shango Trex disclosed.

Freemynz was officially formed in 2013, but Shango Trex and Catapila have been colleagues for 30 years. In 2023, they released a remix of their song ‘Dangerous’ with D’Angel.

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