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Desmond the Songwriter Keeps Them Guessing

One of the great challenges of the music business is producing the follow-up to a big song or album. That’s the situation Desmond the songwriter found himself in when working on his second album.

‘Another Guess Coming’ is the title of that set which he produced. It was released on February 24, almost three years after his debut, ‘Happiness is Priceless’, hit the market.

According to Desmond the songwriter, he was even more intense during recording sessions for ‘Another Guess Coming’.

“When I was producing the first album, I allowed my team more latitude in their input. However, because I exercised more creative control on ‘Another Guess Coming’, it created more tension in the production process and as this tension was released, it led to an overall better-quality project in the song writing, production and vocal and instrumental performances,” he said.

Keyboardist Sidney Mills, saxophonist Dean Fraser, bassist Lebert “Gibby” Morrison, guitarist Andy Bassford and drummer Desi Jones were members of the side that worked on ‘Another Guess Coming’ which has 11 songs.

The singer/songwriter was born in Kingston, Jamaica but lives in New York City. He shows his diversity on songs like the patriotic reggae number, #jamaicabelike, the jazzy ‘Makes me Stronger’ and folksy ‘Work I’m Sorry’.

For Desmond the songwriter, variety has always been key to his music.  “I grew up singing gospel music and still write and perform gospel music. I have enough material to produce a gospel album and plan to do so soon. My favorite gospel artists at the moment are Jonathan McReynolds and Jermaine Edwards,” he said. “I love jazz and listen to it and play it in my daily piano meditations.”

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