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David M Sings for His World

Since he began recording music in the 1990s, David M has taken a meticulous approach to song writing. He must have a feel for the topic on which he composes, whether for himself or other artists.

It was no different nine years ago when he wrote ‘This is Our World’, a song lamenting the lack of world unity and global disrespect for the environment.

A revamped version of the song was released on January 5, the Jamaican singer/songwriter’s birthday. It was first released for the United Nations Players for Peace program which involved diverse figures like UN secretary-general Kofi Annan and Brazilian soccer maestro, Ronaldinho.

“In terms of my song writing it starts with an idea…a need to speak out about a particular situation and I put this to words and music,” said David M.

His decision to reboot ‘This is Our World’ was triggered by the number of troubling conflicts around the world such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. As someone involved in waste management for over 30 years, a clean environment means a lot to David M.

“With the proliferation at this time of wars and conflicts worldwide and the flagrant, increased degradation of the planet by man, I felt an urge now to release this song. I am..and feel that most people today are concerned with the state of affairs environmentally and the outbreak of struggles, conflict and war,” he reasoned.

David M also produced and played keyboards on ‘This is Our World’. He was accompanied by a stellar lineup of musicians including guitarists Lebert “Gibby” Morrison and Mitchum Chin, drummer Kirk Bennett and Carol “Bowie” McLaughlin on organ and keyboards.

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