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Bold Poems from Toya J

Some years ago, Marie Dunn had a traumatic experience that caused her great distress. After she recovered, it was time to express her new lease on life through poetry.

Dunn, and her alter ego Toya J, recently released ‘Bold Soul-Searching Monologues’, a sexually charged book of poems encouraging empowerment among women. Her third book, it is released by Bold Flamingo Publishing, her company.

“My overall goal is for women to kill the bitch in their heads that is holding them hostage and deterring them from excelling personally and professionally. Understand that, in the end, pain and humiliation are both essential for psychological, financial, and physical growth,” said Toya J.

“We are not our past; we need our history to be grateful for the present and to embrace our future selves. It is hard enough being a woman, but what’s more difficult is when we consistently entertain those negative behaviors that perpetuate our trauma. I want women to take back control and heal themselves first. I want women to give themselves permission to become their authentic selves.”

‘Bold Her Liberation’ and Tease’, her previous books, were just as provocative.

Born in St. Ann parish, Jamaica, Marie Dunn discovered a penchant for poetry after a harrowing experience.  In addition to writing, she found solace in Toya J, a muse with an entirely different personality.

“Marie Dunn is the social worker, publisher, philanthropist while Toya J is the author and artist. Toya J is my alter-ego. She is bold, irresistible, confident, audacious; she will make you uncomfortable and she is not afraid to have those difficult conversations.”


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