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Back to School with Shaka Pow

A firm believer in an educated society, deejay Shaka Pow took his message across Jamaica this year, emphasizing the benefits of staying in, and graduating from high school. That message can be heard in his song, ‘Fully Bright’, which is also the name of his recent school tour.

‘Fully Bright’ and ‘Back to School’, another of his songs, were released prior to the new school term. It hears Shaka Pow encouraging youth to focus on their books in order to have a meaningful future.

The former was inspired by ‘Dunce Cheque’, a song by high-riding deejay Valiant that projects the opposite of Shaka Pow’s message. “It’s done in response to Valiant’s ‘Dunce Cheque’, to counter encouraging leaving school with no subjects and depending on unorthodox means to acquire wealth. Not geared at the artist but the ideologies and the impact it could have on impressionable minds,” he explained.

An obstetrician/gynecologist for almost 25 years, Shaka Pow practices privately in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, as well as the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, one of the country’s main maternity facilities.

To reinforce his stay-in-school thrust, he conducted the Fully Bright School Tour from March to July, speaking to students at high, primary and basic schools in Kingston and rural parishes.  Shaka Pow has been a recording artist since 1996. His previous songs include ‘Unconditional’ and ‘Hold A Strength’.

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