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The Rise Of Natural Fyah

Natural Fyah, an emerging reggae artist in Canada, is destined for greatness. The potency of her lyrics heard in songs like ‘Want to be free’, the sweetness of her vocals and the memorable fire she blazes in her delivery on stage is the recipe that will propel her to stardom.

Starting out as a figurative “caterpillar”, Natural Fyah began her musical endeavours as a mere spectator, listening to, singing with, and collecting music. She was exposed to many genres of music and was captivated by a variety of them. Over time she grew, and so did her musical tastes, character, perception, and spiritual journey.

With early realization that she had to nurture her natural gift to reach the pinnacle of her chosen path, Natural Fyah attended a school of arts where the music curriculum focused on various repertoires ranging from classical music to jazz and performance and technique. The music program equipped her with many methods that she now utilizes, as demonstrated in her recordings and performances.

Today, this fiery young Queen is making vibrational ripples in an industry that requires specific packaging for its products and a distinct look for its vessels. Natural Fyah, while initially started feeling boxed in this way, has evolved into something even more beautiful than was anticipated.

She has progressed into a cocoon to learn, develop, and transform. We now have an artist who has gone through a journey of changes, understanding, patience and growth. The caterpillar once connected to a safety net is now set free. She is creating music that feeds the soul and evokes emotion.

Natural Fyah is now a butterfly that flutters to the beat of her own heart, understanding and knowing that the trek has just begun. Her journey is now spiritual, musical, sweetened with the honey of her past, present, and future. Natural Fyah is ready, are you?

Checkout Natural Fyah performance on Taste Of The Caribbean 2021-Virtual Shift Tour in Toronto. S1:E6.

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