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Sandra Sylburne’s Work Ethics and Professionalism Attracts Reggae Stars and Grammy winning Producers

Sandra Sylburne is an astute businesswoman who started Superior Business Services (SBS) in 2005 after being employed in the corporate sector for more than 20 years. She manages artists, disc jockeys, and musicians. She has worked with Grammy-winning producers, and she is a member of the Canadian Academy Recordings Arts (CARAS) and other prominent organizations.

In 2004, she was asked to assist in coordinating a live stage show, words spread about the amazing job she did and soon after she was in demand. “I wasn’t working in the music industry, I think because of my background in management in the medical industry, the skill set was transferred to the music,” Sylburne said. “I started working with one artist and the word spread. Sound system the same, work with one sound system, and word spread”.

The community began requesting her services to plan events like concerts, social functions and community fundraising. Due to her expertise in the medical, legal field and music Sandra expanded the services provided at Superior Business Services and incorporated her company in 2013.

Sandra promotes community growth and unity through event planning and consultation services. Through networking and community involvement, she connected with some of the music industry’s biggest names. She managed the EOP Band. She’s Canadian Management for International sound systems Stone Love, Rory Stone Love, Steelie Bashment, Metro Media to name a few. She is the Canadian Liaison for Grammy Award-winning producers – Clifton “Specialist” Dillon and Rory Gilligan.

Sandra Sylburne was born and raised in London, England and migrated to Canada over 40 years ago. Over this period, she has witnessed the growth of Canadian Reggae/Dancehall music. “We were a little behind, but Canadian artists are catching up, as there are more tools and resources available to them”, she said. “Canada started out following, meaning we got most of our music from Jamaica our roots, now that has changed because the new generation of artists has grown up or born in Canada”, Sylburne continued.

“They are building from their roots up which is infused with Canadian and Jamaican, African roots. Their stardom will come from what they create and now with the advantages of technology this can be achieved globally, I believe all artists should just keep pushing”.

Superior Business Services is known for its efficiency in the overall presentation of events co-ordinated by the company. They believe in doing their presentations in a manner that stimulates the customers, therefore creating repeat customers. “Our mission statement says continue to strive for excellence in the highest standards of professionalism in all areas of business”, Sylburne said. “Research, organize, educate yourself, especially new trends”.

In 2022, Sandra hopes to expand services in the community through her charity, Treasure Community Health and Wellness Association. She hopes to expand the Reggae Fun and Fitness program across the city and continue to provide services to the best of her ability and help others grow.

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