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Chris Hayles and Wife Latoya Mullings Promote Love in Relationships Through Music

As a youngster residing in Trench Town, Chris Hayles was influenced by the musical environment. After all, the likes of Bob Marley, Alton Ellis and others resided in that community.

“Growing up in Trench Town, which many dubbed “The Cradle of Reggae Music” was indeed a delight. Imagine growing up on Duff Street, hearing music all around you, with dances being held in your tenement yard and your neighbour’s as well.  I remember there was a bar beside our home and on weekends my parents would give me some time to go there and dance. Some patrons would buy me sodas to encourage me to dance; I was a toddler at the time, going to what we used to call basic school. My teacher’s name was Ms. James aka Teacher James, and she would have yearly concerts, where boys and girls would be partnered and dance. My dancing partner and I won every contest that we competed in. I still remember my brothers taking me home each time on their shoulders, after the concerts,” Hayles recalled.

Later on, Hayles developed a passion for broadcasting media where he would emulate broadcasters such as Dennis Hall, Don Topping, Marie Garth, Allan Magnus and Barry G.

“When I moved to Old Harbour in St Catherine in the early 1970s, while going to school, I started hanging out at the Paddock Club where I would dabble in entertainment as an MC for their sound system, and eventually another sound system called Play Mate where I honed my skills as a master of ceremony, thanks to the owner, my dear friend, Standford Parchment who taught me so much about music and being a DJ,” Hayles disclosed.

Now residing in Toronto, Canada since 1981, Hayles and his wife Latoya are creating a buzz within the social media space with their live program on Facebook called “Sing with Me Baby”.

“Sing with Me Baby, is a singing and dancing show. As a husband-and-wife duo, we both showcase our talents, whilst promoting love in relationships through music. Each week, on this show, we sing different genres of music, including rhythm and blues, reggae, jazz and country music, individually and together. We have dedicated a segment of this show where we share intimate aspects of some of the things that we do as a couple to keep our marriage healthy and spicy. It’s a very interactive show, where our audience also participate by giving their opinions and share aspects of their relationships too,” said Hayles.

This live program is broadcast on Sunday evenings via Facebook and can be seen via Latoya Mullings Music.

Asked what keeps viewers tuned in each week, Hayles was quick to point out, “Some of the things that keep people tuned in, include our talent, humour, choice of songs, charm, charisma, warm personality, and we’re considered not to be the average couple. People who engage often say that Sing with me Baby has enhanced their relationship/marriage and that they’re learning from us.”

There are plans to expand the reach of the program via other social media platforms.

“Yes, we have plans to expand Sing with Me Baby, including studio recording of some of our audience’s favourite oldies, but goodies. And also, the incorporation of other platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube where the show is premiered weekly,” Hayles shared.

Hayles’ love for the media took him to G987 FM (now known as Flow 987), Toronto’s only Black radio station.

“Up until last December, I was the chief announcer for the news department. I’ve also worked at other radio stations here in Canada include CHRY AM 1430 and CHIN Radio.  I must acknowledge Mr Fitzroy Gordon, Jai Oh Maharaj and Delroy G who have all played a pivotal role in my broadcasting career here in Canada,” said Hayles.

Hayles also does an impersonation of the late American singer Sammy Davis Jr where he performs songs from Davis’s catalog.

“Wherever I go, people often say I look like Sammy Davis Jr. I also love Black music from the United States and when I began to learn about Sammy Davis Jr, I was so mesmerized by his talent that I began to impersonate him,” Hayles explained.

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