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Carrie Mullings leads Taste of the Caribbean Expansion Operations across Canada

In the quest to expand the Taste of the Caribbean (TOTC) operations across Canada, radio host Carrie Mullings has been added as a key element to lead the expansion across the country.

A Taste of the Caribbean, Montreal’s largest free 4-day outdoor Caribbean festival, will start the expansion of its operations across Canada in Toronto, Ontario. Projects ranging from video shoots to live performances, as well as setting up local production teams for future festival editions in certain of those major cities are some of the things on the agenda. “We want to copy and paste what was done in Montreal, across all major cities in Canada”, confirmed the Festival’s production team unanimously. As a new member to the Board of Directors, Carrie Mullings is a key element in the expansion project, as she brings years of experience in the music and radio industry to the project. The expansion project will further fulfil TOTC’s mission on a larger scale with several upcoming activities to be announced in the coming months.

Carrie Mullings has been a leader in the music industry for the past 20 years and occupies a unique place in Canada’s reggae scene. As the daughter of Karl Mullings, one of the forefathers of the Canadian reggae scene, she has been carrying on the legacy of championing Canadian reggae artists. Her many accolades include 2018 Top Reggae Radio Program (Caribbean Music & Entertainment Awards), 2018 Outstanding Radio Personality (ReggaeXclusive Recognition Awards), manager of several JUNO® winning/nominated artists, and Chair of the JUNO’s Reggae Committee.

She sustains the continued growth of the platforms needed for artists to share their powerful messages and voices. As the founder and producer of her own radio show “Rebel Vibez” for the past 18 years, Ms. Mullings has a bird’s eye view of the music and media atmospheres, making her an individual who is constantly in-sync with ever-evolving trends, both precedented, forecasted, and unforeseen. Ms. Mullings has always been a part of the musical evolution and looks forward to a new vision for the musical landscape.

TOTC’s mission is to promote the diversity of Canada’s Caribbean culture to all audiences; to form a better understanding and integration between cultures, as well as to influence Canadians of non-Caribbean descent to eventually travel to the Caribbean region, while at the same time, direct them to visit local Caribbean outlets in Canada, such as live performances and events, restaurants, retail stores, art galleries, and related e-commerce sites of imported products.

What started out back in 1999 as a 1-day all-you-can eat indoor ticketed food event, has now transformed into a large four days of free outdoor music, arts, food, and culture festival, which also features several live international performing artists/bands within a special ticketed concert zone.

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