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Where Does Reggae and Dancehall Fit in FLOW 98.7 FM New Slogan ‘Where Black Music Lives’?”

In a surprising turn of events, Toronto’s FLOW 98.7 FM, with its new slogan “Where Black Music Lives,” has recently undergone significant changes that have left the reggae and dancehall community in the city questioning the future of their beloved genres on their airwaves.

Historically, reggae has not enjoyed significant airplay on the station, especially works by Canadian artists. However, the recent alterations in the station’s format have raised concerns within the community about the potential marginalization of reggae and dancehall music.

One notable change is the absence of on-air personalities over the past week, prompting speculation about a broader shift in the station’s programming. Sources close to Reggae North have indicated that the entire on-air team may have received pink slips, leaving the future of their involvement uncertain. While it is not clear if there will be opportunities for the displaced personalities to reapply, we anxiously await further details.

Comparisons have been drawn to a similar transition in 2015 when CHRY 105.5 FM became VIBE 105, resulting in the dismissal of volunteers and the cancellation of many reggae programs. With Randy Reid, formerly associated with the CHRY transition, now taking on the role of Operations and Business Development Manager at FLOW, concerns within the reggae community have intensified. Memories of the past changes cast doubt on the possibility of increased reggae and dancehall representation on the station.

Reggae enthusiasts fear that the changes at FLOW G987 FM may mirror the fate of CHRY, with a decline in reggae representation. While Reid and Mastermind resume their roles at VIBE 105 and SiriusXM Canada, the reggae community remains watchful, hoping that the station’s new leadership will recognize the importance of inclusivity and diverse musical representation in truly embodying the spirit of “Where Black Music Lives.” Only time will reveal the station’s commitment to reggae and dancehall.

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