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Troy Bronxz Getting Rave Reviews for His Latest Single

Dancehall Artist Troy Bronxz voice is echoing loud and clear on the music scene with his latest single ‘Woman Clothes’. The hot new single which has started to make its rounds in dancehall and on radio, is produced by Canadian record label Phylani Music and is available on all leading online stores.

A Rastafarian by faith, Troy Bronxz has always written positive and uplifting lyrics during his musical career. According to the ‘Ex-Man’ artist this song is not about bashing anyone and their choices, but he can’t just ignore the direction the youths have chosen lately especially young men.  “As a Rastaman, I have to use music to relay my message to the youth that real Rasta and real men don’t indulge in certain livity and stray from their masculinity which is the true order of things”, Bronxz said.

Since the beginning of 2023 Troy Bronxz has been creating a buzz on the weekly live music scene in Kingston, he has hit the stage at Junior Reid Live in the City, Turbulance Black Carpet, Rub a Dub Thursday, Natty King Style, Singer J Rub A Dub Tuesday and General B’s Boom Box Friday.

Troy Bronxz (given name Jaulthie Atkinson), hails from the district called Grove Farm, in St Catherine, Jamaica. He made his name on sound systems, including Little Champion, Survival, Agony Machine and Black Champion. In 1995, he recorded his first single ‘Mr. Big Man’ on the Hardcore Syndicate label. Among his other recordings are Be Careful’, Clocks Ticking’ featuring Crusada, ‘Bruk Pocket’, ‘Ex-Man’ and ‘Full Control’.

With another solid single on the market and his live performances gaining momentum, Troy Bronxz is undoubtedly a rising star in the dancehall scene, and he is poised to leave a lasting impact with his empowering messages and captivating music.

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