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Tréson Poised for a Breakout Year in 2024

Canadian artist Tréson is garnering attention with his latest single, ‘Stronger’, As the lead singer of one of Canada’s premier reggae bands, The Human Right, Tréson’s solo endeavor showcases not only his vocal prowess but also positions him as a force to be reckoned with in the reggae scene for the coming year.

Born Trevor “Tréson” Alman in Montreal, Canada, to Jamaican parents, Tréson’s multicultural roots add depth to his music, evident in the potent lyrics and catchy melodies of ‘Stronger’. The track not only serves as a testament to his solo capabilities but also hints at a promising solo career that fans can eagerly anticipate in 2024.

The inspirational delivery in ‘Stronger’ aligns seamlessly with Tréson’s musical credentials, echoing the storytelling prowess of legends like Bob Marley, Kenny Rogers, and Ray Charles, who have been influential in shaping his artistic journey. Tréson’s ability to convey raw emotions through his music sets him apart, making him a noteworthy artist to watch out for.

In the face of personal loss, Tréson draws strength and determination from the memory of his longtime friend and mentor, Bernie Pitters. Describing Pitters as more than just a friend and mentor but as a father figure, Tréson expresses a profound commitment to honoring his legacy through hard work, dedication, and musical accomplishments.

‘Stronger’ is not just a standalone single; it is part of the ‘Keele Street Riddim’ compilation produced by Reggae North Music. Released on November 24th, 2023, this compilation of eleven tracks has firmly established itself on the global reggae stage, further cementing Tréson’s presence in the industry.

As Tréson navigates the realms of loss and personal growth, his music becomes a conduit for healing and empowerment. With ‘Stronger’ leading the way, fans can anticipate a series of solo efforts that delve into the artist’s multifaceted talents and showcase the resilience that defines his character.

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