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Tasha T Releases ‘Jamaica It Nice’

Canadian recording artist Tasha T is all set to celebrate the spirit of Jamaica with her latest track, aptly titled ‘Jamaica It Nice.’ Produced by Heyman Entertainment and her own label, RasVibe Records Inc, the song was officially released on Emancipation Day, August 1. 

Living abroad, Tasha T was inspired to create this song in response to the negative portrayal of Jamaica she often encountered, focusing instead on the positive aspects of the country and its people. With a desire to highlight the vibrant and positive vibe that Jamaica embodies, she hopes to remind Jamaicans of their cultural importance. 

The accompanying music video, shot in the heart of Kingston by Reggae Tropics, will debut alongside the track, enhancing the visual experience and capturing the essence of Jamaica’s beauty. 

The singer has high hopes for the song, envisioning it to become an anthem for the people. Through ‘Jamaica It Nice,’ she aims to not only showcase her own talent but also to draw attention to the rich cultural heritage of the Jamaican people. 

Despite being born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Tasha T has remained deeply connected to reggae music throughout her nearly two-decade-long career. Apart from her musical pursuits, she has also established the Tasha T Learning Foundation, showcasing her commitment to philanthropy. With a series of appearances lined up in the coming months, the ‘Spread Some Love’ singer is poised to make her mark on the music scene once again. 

Tasha T has hinted at more exciting projects in the pipeline. With a forthcoming album that promises more soulful reggae tunes, Tasha T is ready to make her mark in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. 

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