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Sweet Times for Nyjah

Once he launched his career in 2000, Nyjah went the route of many Jamaican artists and recorded songs for several producers, some of whose names he cannot remember. Frustrated that his songs were not given justice, he decided to take things into his own hands three years ago. 

The dreadlocked singjay started Mishka Production, a company he operates with business partner Michelle Moncrieffe. Their second release is the ‘Sugar Plum ‘riddim’ which has songs by Nyjah, Brando, Hawkeye and Thriller U. 

Now that he is calling the shots, Nyjah feels a sense of relief after 20 years of being exploited.  “Wi was struggling in the music business ‘round the producer dem, and wi realize dem not putting out wi song. So, wi decide to produce our own music,” he said. 

Nyjah’s first project as a producer was his song, ‘Lovestruck’, released in 2020. The Sugar Plum is his most ambitious effort as it features Thriller U and Hawkeye, veteran acts with several hit songs to their names. 

‘Walk Away’ is Thriller U’s song on the riddim, while Hawkeye does ‘Online’. ‘Saudi Arabia’ is the title of Brando’s song while Nyjah contributes ‘Lifetime’. 

Nyjah is from St. Thomas parish in eastern Jamaica. Previously known as Impact, his first released song was ‘Dutty Bwoy’ for producer Colin “Iley Dread” Levy. 

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