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Skystar Debut with A Triumphant Performance at New Skool Rules in Europe

Edmonton’s rising dancehall artist, Skystar, recently achieved a significant milestone in his career. He crossed the Atlantic to perform at the prestigious New Skool Rules Conference and Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands, held from May 31st to June 2nd. This performance marks his first in Europe and represents a dream come true for the ‘Learnt’ artist, who has long aspired to travel the world and share his music on international stages.

Skystar’s performance at New Skool Rules was met with favorable reviews, demonstrating his exceptional talent and dedication. Known for his clean and relatable lyrics, Skystar captivated the audience with his energetic and uplifting performance. Reflecting on the experience, Skystar expressed his excitement and gratitude, stating, “I’ve been preparing for these types of opportunities for a long time. The preparation was like clockwork, especially since I was also seizing the opportunity to promote my new EP.”

One of the standout moments of the festival was Skystar’s collaborative performance with fellow artist Arlo Maverick. The synergy between the two artists was palpable, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Additionally, Skystar took advantage of his time in Rotterdam to finish shooting the music video for ‘Karma,’ a track from his “Sky’s The Limit EP,” with director Indah by Natalie.

The New Skool Rules festival also provided Skystar with invaluable opportunities to network with top European industry professionals. He participated in a demo listening session with representatives from Warner Music and engaged with festival curators and other artists from around the globe. “I was blown away that I was in the room doing a demo listening with Warner Music and festival curators,” Skystar remarked, highlighting the significance of these interactions.

Skystar attended several seminars at the festival, where he received crucial advice on pitching music to festivals and packaging it for radio stations. He met European music stalwarts like Bod Celestin and Vanessa Vito and had the chance to interact with Henca Maduro and her husband, the driving forces behind New Skool Rules. These experiences enriched Skystar’s understanding of the music industry and provided him with practical knowledge to further his career.

Reflecting on his European debut, Skystar emphasized the value of the experience, stating, “Travelling to Europe was worth its weight in gold. Today, I am more educated on what it will take to compete on the world stage. Some of the most important lessons I learned on this trip are how ready and prepared you have to be as an artist, how important it is to invest in yourself and your craft, and the discipline you need to break the doors down.”

Skystar’s European tour reinforced the power and global appeal of reggae music. He noted the importance of recording clean and impactful songs, which resonate deeply with diverse audiences. The reception he received in Rotterdam confirmed that his approach is effective and appreciated.

A significant contributor to Skystar’s success is his manager and mentor, Richard “DietMonkey” Dawkins, who accompanied him on this European journey. Skystar expressed heartfelt gratitude to Dawkins for his unwavering belief and support. He also acknowledged the hard work of his production team, Vigilanti Ent, and the tireless efforts of Indah by Natalie behind the camera.

Looking ahead, Skystar is already planning his return to Europe for future performances. He has begun collaborating with European producer Romay from Ish Music and is working on new projects with Arlo Maverick in Rotterdam. The connections he made and the experiences he gained at New Skool Rules are paving the way for continued success on the international stage.

Next on Skystar’s agenda is a show in Los Angeles on July 28. He is also back in the studio, working on his next EP, eager to build on the momentum from his European debut.  His European debut is just the beginning of many more accomplishments to follow as he continues to rise as one of Canada’s brightest dancehall stars.

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