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Shaniel Muir to Give up Dancehall for Christianity

A day after collapsing from exhaustion, dancehall artiste Shaneil Muir says she is looking to step away from the secular world as she seeks a more spiritual path.  In an Instagram Live on Sunday night, the ‘Yamabella’ singer alluded to walking away from the dancehall industry.

“I will never find happiness and peace in this world until mi turn mi life ova fully to God,” she said during the session, pausing to catch her breath as she held back tears.

Over the weekend, the entertainer revealed that she was having issues with her manager. She expressed that at the time she got involved in that business relationship, she revealed all the challenges she was facing in the industry and declared she felt they were drawing her closer to God.

“Mi say to him say nuh badda feel say mi a go chu dis and me feel no way bout it, because guess wah, all a weh mi a face now, it a move mi closer to God,” she said.  “Mi have a calling pan mi life and God a knock pan mi door and mi never a answer,” she continued. “I will never find peace and I will never be happy if mi nuh start do mi duty weh God have set fi mi.”

Muir then went on to state that she’s prepared to give up everything for a change “The Bible seh what does it profit a man to gain the world an’ lose him soul?  I going stop wid dis dancehall an’ mi aguh step out an’ go back to mi God. An’ dis time, mi mek a vow seh yuh see when mi tap, nothing can bring me back. Nothing can bring me back,” she said.  “Yuh see mi mental health an’ mi spirituality, a dat alone matter to mi. Mi nuh business bout money. Dis world nuh deserve mi.”

Muir added that she felt secure in her decision and said she is at peace knowing God is her provider.  “Yuh see me? Mi God bless and I have never lost faith in God. Nuh matta how mi sin before Him. My God is forgiving and nuh matta weh mi do inna Him eyes, He’s forgiving and as long as mi have life, He has made it possible to come before Him and ask fi forgiveness. Mi nah guh mek because of weh happen now, mi mek di wrong choice. Nah guh mek di wrong choice,” she said.

She added: “Yuh see everything weh ah happen, my worries is that if mi stop now, how mi aguh find mi food lata? How mi aguh reach yasso? How mi aguh get dis—how mi aguh pay mi bills? But yuh know weh di voice seh to mi?! God is yuh provider, Shaneil. Have faith in di Lord…why yuh worry when yuh can pray?”

Muir has been steadily building an enviable catalogue as a dancehall artiste since her breakout hit ‘Yamabella’ took the dancehall scene by storm some two years ago. Since then, the entertainer has secured several hits, Including collaborations with Vybz Kartel, Denyque and Govana.

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