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Shami Bey Committed to Creating Positive Music

Recording artiste Shami Bey is committed to creating music that will impact humanity positively.

“Choosing a career in music came naturally to me because I was born in a musical household. I have a message to share, I’m on a mission to raise the vibration of humanity and the planet to higher levels of consciousness. I want to see more unity and consciousness in the music industry. Come on brothers and sisters it’s time to start vibrating at a higher frequency and uplift humanity,” said Shami Bey.

The vivacious California native describes her musical style as a fusion of roots reggae and 90s R&B.

“When you listen to my music, you’ll hear hints of roots reggae and 90s R&B because those are the genres I grew up listening to. I guess you could say my music is a fusion of both genres and something in between,” she said.

Shami Bey is currently promoting her new single titled ‘Fyah’. The song which was co-produced by her and Lutan Fyah was released on her Sacred Fire imprint on April 11.

“I’m very happy with the response that my new single is receiving. The video for it was released two weeks ago and it’s also doing well.”

Shami Bey given name Jessica Haynes is from Oakland, California. She began recording professionally in 2020.

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