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Rich Kid Does the Jesus Dance

Toronto-based gospel deejay Rich Kid teams with Rhythm and Blues singer Nadine on ‘Dwellings of The Most High’ (aka Jesus Dance), his new song which is scheduled for release today (July 28). The track is accompanied by a five-part dance move he hopes will attract gospel and secular fans. 

According to Rich Kid, contrary to traditional Christian beliefs, Jesus Christ was not averse to enjoyment.  “The dance symbolizes a trend and reveals hidden truths. According to non-Biblical manuscripts, Jesus once joined a procession where he ignited the herb, enjoyed the finest wine, and mesmerized the audience with his captivating dance moves,” he said. 

‘Jesus Dance’ is released by Cash Global Entertainment, the company he started during the 1990s when he was still a secular artist. He has known Nadine (Dillons) for over 20 years and thought her soulful delivery would enhance his latest project. 

“I’ve known Nadine since 2001 when she was making waves in R&B. She later transitioned into gospel music, and it’s been incredible to see her flourish in this new genre. Her musical journey is truly inspiring!” said Rich Kid. 

The Jesus Dance comprises the following moves — the Holy Feet, Angel Wave, Devil Dig, Lighting Clap and Righteous Step.  Rich Kid is from Portmore, a community on the outskirts of Kingston, Jamaica’s capital. That is where he was introduced to dancehall music.  Since 1990, he has lived in the Greater Toronto Area. 

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