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Reviving the Roots: Errol Blackwood’s Quest to Rekindle the Authenticity of Reggae Music

Errol Blackwood, the renowned Canadian reggae singer, has a mission. He wants to bring back the authenticity of reggae music. Blackwood has seen the genre losing its identity and wants to do something about it. He is working to pay homage to reggae artists who influenced him and inspired his music.

The former member of one of Canada’s premier reggae bands Messenjah is working on a new album titled “Reggae Salute.” This album is a tribute to the great reggae artists who have influenced his music. The songs he chose to include on the album are close to his heart and represent his passion for the genre. He believes these songs are an essential part of the identity of reggae music, and he wants to honor the original artists by singing them from his heart.

Blackwood is concerned about the state of reggae music today; he feels it is losing its identity, with reggaeton and “white reggae” taking over. The Canadian reggae veteran feels that even dancehall is not what it used to be. “Like any tree, if the root is not protected, the tree dies,” he said. “Reggae must live.” He is determined to bring back the authenticity of reggae music and hopes other reggae artists will follow suit.

Blackwood has big plans for 2023 and wants to be in Jamaica permanently and make Canada his summer concert tour destination. The reggae ambassador is scheduled to appear on some radio stations and TV stations in Jamaica to re-introduce real reggae music. He hopes his album “Reggae Salute” will start a movement to bring back the identity of reggae music. Blackwood wants reggae artists who are concerned to do justice to the original creators and honor them.

Errol Blackwood is on a trek to remind the world about the beauty and authenticity of reggae music. He wants to pay tribute to the original reggae artists and preserve the genre’s identity for future generations to enjoy. With “Reggae Salute,” he had taken the first step in his mission.

Errol Blackwood is set to celebrate Black History Month in style with a concert at the Registry Theatre in Kitchener, Ontario, on Friday, February 17, 2023, at 8 pm. The event promises to be a night to remember as Blackwood, known for his exceptional musical skills and powerful voice, takes the stage to celebrate and honor the rich cultural heritage of the Black community.

The concert will be a celebration of the contributions of Black artists and musicians to the music industry, and it will be an opportunity for fans to enjoy an unforgettable performance by one of the most talented musicians in Canada.



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