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Reggae North Echoes Strength in Unity


January 2020 ushered in a new era for a group of artists, musicians, producers, songwriters and reggae enthusiasts in Canada.  The group decide that the time had come to meet and formalize the group Reggae North. The main objective of the participants was to find ways to tackle issues that they believe have been thwarting and stalling the growth of Canadian artists and music in the Reggae industry especially here in Canada. The consensus at the end of the meeting was that the group’s success would strongly depend on its unity and the willingness of the creators to formulate a solution that would be beneficial to all in the long run.

Reggae North had numerous plans projected for 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to shelve several of our ideas until time permits us to push forward.  Prior to the crowd restrictions, however, we had recorded our theme song and video “Bring it to the People” that convey the message of our organization, highlighting some of the issues we are facing and how we plan to resolve them.  Individuals who worked on this project gladly volunteered their voices, time, and effort because they believed in the Reggae North concept. The collective effort of Zackious Cooper, Mel C, Dahlia Anderson, Lazah Current, Trish, Stacy J, Comfort, Captain Love, and Tony Anthony created a mesh of beautiful voices; Osbourne “Ifield Joseph composed, mix and mastered the track, other musicians include Isax on Saxophone and Oniel Fuller on Drums. Tony Anthony, Caswell Mclaughlin and Hal Duggon wrote the song lyrics.


Reggae North recognizes and applauds the many individuals and groups who have worked over the years, some of whom are still working to highlight and bringing awareness to the plight of reggae creators here in Canada. We are happy to be playing our part by creating a space where people can discover and learn more about the talented artists who reside in Canada.  We plan to increase recognition to their craft by showcasing the vast, but sometimes untapped talents that are based here. This we plan to accomplish through interaction and engagement with the millions of reggae lovers in Canada and across the globe. Reggae North is utilizing most of the available platforms on social media and otherwise to bring our music to the people.


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