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Rad Dixon Urges Reggae Artistes and Musicians to Capitalize on Marley Movie Success

Reggae singer Rad Dixon believes that the success of Bob Marley’s biopic, ‘One Love,’ will help to boost the popularity of reggae music worldwide.

“The Bob Marley movie is a huge success because he is one of the most loved music icons in the world. I believe people are interested in the movie because he died so early in his career leaving behind a vast catalogue of great reggae music. There’s no doubt that the success of his movie will help to increase the popularity of reggae music globally,” said the artiste.

Dixon says everyone who’s involved with reggae music should come together and capitalize on the attention that the movie is generating in the US and other parts of the world.

“Reggae carries a spirit of resilience and strength and that is why it has outlasted so many musical trends and fads. It is one of the most influential genres in the world and now that the King of Reggae is once again in the spotlight, we need to use this opportunity to increase the influence of the genre.”

He continued, “The government of Jamaica also has a vital role to play in this mission. We need more than just token support in the form of reggae month; the government needs to give more grants to reggae artistes, and musicians and producers. It also needs to pass laws to ensure that reggae is given more airtime on all Jamaican radio stations.”

Rad Dixon is currently promoting his new EP titled, ‘Give Thanks for Life’. The project which features two songs, ‘Give Thanks for Life’, ‘I Remember’ and one instrumental, ‘Give Thanks for Life rhythm’ was co-produced by Tasjay Productions and DJ Treasure Music.

“The inspiration behind this project stems from a deep-rooted desire to spread positivity and love through music. ‘Give Thanks for Life’ was born out of a reflection on the beauty of existence and the gratitude we should all feel for every moment we’re given. ‘I Remember’, on the other hand, is a nostalgic journey through an experience, encapsulating the essence of love and the memories that linger in your heart from it,” said Rad Dixon.

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