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Queen Omega Presents “Freedom Legacy”

Trinidadian reggae artist Queen Omega is making waves in the international music scene with her latest album, “Freedom Legacy”. Released on March 24th by Baco Records, the album features 13 powerful tracks that showcase her conscious messages and Caribbean influences. It marks her great comeback after a year of beautiful collaborations and EPs.

On stage and in the studio, Queen Omega brings with her a deep commitment to spreading messages of hope, freedom, and women’s independence through her music. Her recent summer tour in Europe saw her perform at festivals such as Boomtown, Paléo, and No Logo, captivating audiences with her powerful voice and energetic performances.

The album features singles such as “Fittest”, “Wise Queens”, “See You Down”, and “Lioness”, which lay the foundations for an opus constructed as a collection of thoughts dedicated to her fans and children. Queen Omega’s most profound questions about the human condition are expressed through genuine lyrics that address the struggles for freedom and independence with militancy.

Produced by LionsFlow Productions, the album takes listeners on an introspective and musical journey through new roots reggae and dancehall music. Queen Omega states that “music is a channel, a gateway to mental and emotional freedom,” and it is through conscious music that we learn the need to express ourselves, talk out, and shatter the walls of silence.

The album features collaborations with some of the most talented artists in the reggae scene, including Julian Marley, Yaniss Odua, and Marcus Gad. In “Oneness,” Queen Omega and Julian Marley come together to deliver a powerful message of unity and love for all humanity. The French Caribbean touch of Yaniss Odua adds an extra dimension to the song, making it a true celebration of diversity.

Another standout track on the album is “Agape Love,” a collaboration between Queen Omega and Marcus Gad. The song is a powerful ode to the spiritual power of love and the role it can play in bringing people together. Both artists bring their unique vocal talents to the track, creating a powerful and uplifting message of hope.

To this album “Freedom Legacy”, QUEEN OMEGA adds the subtitle ‘Urithi wa Uhuru” (meaning Freedom Legacy in the Swahili language) an hod to all black populations of the world, a message in the memory of slavery and oppression that they suffered from, a legacy of liberation that she delivers through her music to set people free from their rembrance of pain. To this homage Queen universalize her message through her lyrics addressing more widely to all the oppressed populations of the world. An album sign as an emancipating mantra from all sorts of tyranny existing on Earth.

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