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Producer Finn Making Waves in Reggae and Hip-Hop

The Canadian music industry has always been diverse, and its reggae scene is no exception. Among the rising stars in this community is Jermaine Finn, music producer, DJ, graphic artist, and videographer known for his versatility and ability to blend genres seamlessly.

Finn’s recent success with Kirk Diamond’s 2023 JUNO Awards winning song for best reggae recording, ‘Reggae Party’ has put him on the genre’s map, but his journey to this point has been years in the making.

Born to Jamaican parents in Brampton, Ontario, Finn was exposed to music from an early age. His father’s collection of reggae and soul records was a significant influence, but it was his older brother and cousin’s love for hip-hop that inspired him to pursue a career in music. Finn’s sound is characterized by gritty, dusty boom bap beats, soulful melodies, and hard-hitting drums that create a unique blend of reggae and hip-hop.

Finn’s music career began over two decades ago, and his experience has given him a keen eye for production and album cover art. After graduating from Humber College with a diploma in graphic design in 2013, he has worked with some of the best wordsmiths in Toronto’s underground hip-hop scene, including Daniel Son, Saipher Soze, Asun Eastwood, and Family Gang Black. His sound can be heard in everything from reggae to R&B, and his versatility has made him a staple in the underground hip-hop scene in Toronto and the United States.

In 2020, Finn and his production team Gold Era Music released the video mixtape ‘BBM SH!T vol. 1’, which provided a unique and cinematic view into Toronto’s underground hip-hop scene. The mixtape showcased the best wordsmiths in the city and gave Finn the opportunity to produce, direct, and edit the project, showcasing his talent behind the camera as well.

In the same year, Finn executive produced Family Gang Black’s highly anticipated solo album, ‘Ventilation’, as well as produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered Daniel Son’s critically acclaimed solo album, ‘Dirty Dishes’. He also directed, filmed, and edited all four music videos for ‘Dirty Dishes’ and designed the cover art.

Finn’s dedication to his craft has paid off, and in 2022 he received his first JUNO nomination for his production work on ‘Too Ruff’ with Kirk Diamond. In 2023, Finn produced the winning song in the best reggae recording category at the JUNO Awards with ‘Reggae Party.’

But Finn’s success has not stopped there. He is currently working on Kirk Diamond’s upcoming album, ‘Dread’, which he says was created solely for Kirk’s and his enjoyment, with a focus on genuine reggae vibes. Finn’s experience with ‘Reggae Party’ has opened him up to the reggae community and made him more willing to work with artists from different genres.

Finn’s dedication to his craft and versatility as a producer and DJ have made him a rising star in the Canadian music scene. His passion for music and commitment to quality has made him a respected and sought-after producer in Toronto and elsewhere. His story is an inspiration to aspiring producers and artists, showing that hard work and dedication can lead to success in the competitive world of music.

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