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Producer Clive Hunt Lauds Richie Stephens’ Chart Success

A new rendition of a classic hit has been making waves, thanks to the collaborative efforts of music producer and musician Clive Hunt and the vocal stylings of Richie Stephens.

Their cover of ‘Statue of a Fool’ initially sung by David Ruffin of The Temptations, has been achieving success since its release, dominating reggae charts in New York and Florida.

Produced by Hunt for his Azul label, ‘Statue of a Fool’ has resonated with global audiences, securing a top spot on the charts for several consecutive weeks, and continues to enjoy significant airplay.

The track, a reggae-infused interpretation of Ruffin’s soulful melody, has been reimagined by Stephens with a passionate delivery that has breathed new life into the song. The collaboration emerged from a Motown-inspired project by Hunt, which sought to infuse reggae rhythms into classical hits.

Upon reaching out to various artistes, it was Stephens who chose to lend his voice to ‘Statue of a Fool, a move, Hunt said had caught the attention of multiple artistes.

Richie Stephens shared his connection to the track, noting, “This song is an all-time favourite of mine.” He recounted an instance from the previous year when he expressed a wish to cover the song during a casual conversation with a friend. It seemed like fate when Hunt subsequently approached him to participate in the project.

The success of the song is a source of joy for Hunt, who takes pride in his work with Stephens. “It’s always a pleasure to work with Stephens,” Hunt stated, praising the singer’s dedication and love for his craft.

“The song’s timeless lyrics and Richie’s soulful delivery made it a pleasure to produce. I’m thrilled to see the positive reception it has been receiving.” Hunt, who considers himself one of the oldest active music producers in the scene, remains passionate about his daily studio work, ensuring that the legacy of reggae music endures.

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