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Planky a Rising Star in Reggae and Dancehall

Jermaine Sinclair, better known by his stage name Planky, was born on December 13, 1983, in Tucker, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Planky’s early life was steeped in music, influenced profoundly by his grand uncle, the legendary Lee Scratch Perry. This familial connection to reggae royalty ignited a passion in Planky that would define his future.

Growing up as the fourth of seven siblings, Planky’s household was a bustling environment where music was always present. His mother, Angela Moore, nurtured his love for music, and by the age of 13, Planky was already exploring his musical talents. Montego Bay’s vibrant local music scene provided the perfect training ground. Planky absorbed wisdom from local talents and honed his skills through performances at various community stages, including prominent venues like The Guinness Rd show and Pier 1.

Planky’s budding talent soon caught the attention of the Jamaica Mirror Newspaper, which featured him, highlighting his potential. In 2006, seeking broader horizons, Planky moved to Toronto, Canada. There, he embraced the moniker “Box Dem General,” a title that underscored the powerful impact his music had on listeners.

Toronto proved to be a fertile ground for Planky’s talents. He shared stages with renowned artists such as Kranium and Baby Cham and delivered memorable performances at major events like the Woodbine Fest 2016, where he performed alongside Nesbeth. Planky’s dynamic stage presence and captivating performances earned him a loyal following.

Planky’s discography is a testament to his dedication and artistic growth. His mix CDs, including “Open the 6,” “Epic,” and “The Uprising,” have garnered acclaim, showcasing his versatility and depth as an artist. These works were brought to life in collaboration with notable DJs like Nitro Sound and DJ Suparific.

A significant part of Planky’s journey is his partnership with Empress Leh, both in music and life. Together, they founded “Strike1Promo,” a platform through which they aim to elevate PlankyMusic to new heights. Their synergy is evident in their collaborations and shared vision for the future.

Planky’s engagement with his audience extends beyond his music. He actively connects with fans through live videos, freestyles, and humorous skits, making his presence felt both on and off the stage. His grassroots approach, performing on the streets of Toronto and directly interacting with fans, has solidified his reputation and expanded his fan base.

Planky’s music resonates with a wide audience, from families to reggae and dancehall enthusiasts. His latest singles, “Roll up Next in line” featuring Hot Frass and the forthcoming “This Time” featuring Empress Leh Leh, reflect his evolving artistry. With an EP slated for release in the fall, Planky is poised to make an indelible mark on the music industry.

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