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Onique Drops Genre-Bending ‘My Truth’ Album

Onique, the multi-talented musician, singer, and producer hailing from Canada, is making waves with his highly anticipated album, ‘My Truth.’ Set to be released on October 6, 2023, this 19-track masterpiece promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of musical genres, all wrapped up in a whirlwind creative process that took only a week to complete.

“I tried to narrow it in a way where there is a track that represents most of the popular genres around the world,” Onique explained during an exclusive interview about the album. “I hope people will find joy in it as I did while making it.”

The title of the album, ‘My Truth,’ was chosen by Onique to reflect the diversity and versatility of the tracks within. Regardless of the genre, he sought to create something that would resonate with listeners on a personal level, and from what we’ve heard so far, he’s succeeded brilliantly.

The creative process behind ‘My Truth’ was intense, with Onique wearing multiple hats as the producer, writer, recording artist, and sound engineer. While the workload was heavy, it served as a welcome distraction from life’s daily challenges. The only drawback, he humorously notes, was having to retire to bed early due to his day job commitments.’

The album boasts several standout tracks, but one holds a special place in Onique’s heart. “‘Worthy’ will always be that one track that’s dear to me,” he revealed. “No matter how big the whole thing gets, that track will always be a reminder that I did over 200 dubs for this song, which also went to number one on a few charts.”

One intriguing aspect of ‘My Truth’ is the absence of reggae or traditional dancehall songs, genres that Onique is well-known for. He chose to embrace diversity and experiment with different musical styles instead. “I took that approach not to neglect my roots but to venture into something different,” he explained. “Most of my songs are within the reggae and dancehall genre, so with this project, I wanted to expand my catalog.”

Collaborations play a significant role in this album. Onique teamed up with various artists and producers to create a rich and dynamic musical landscape. Maxximus contributed his verses on ‘Options,’ while dancehall artist Blistas joined forces with Onique in co-writing several tracks.

Looking beyond the album release, Onique is already planning his next moves. “After this album is released and the reach has been maximized, it’s back to work because I am not where I want to be,” he stated. Tours and shows are on the horizon, and Onique assures us that there’s more to come from the Neqzrecords/Onique camp, including projects, music videos, and, of course, more music for his dedicated fans.

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