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“Mumma Canada” Carrie Mullings Marks 20 Years on Radio

For over two decades, Carrie Mullings has been a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian music and media industries. The Canadian reggae royalty has contributed to the growth and development of the Canadian reggae music infrastructure, bringing the genre into the forefront of worldwide recognition and reception. Celebrating her 20th year in radio broadcasting, Carrie Mullings continues to empower the community by sharing and uplifting through the airwaves.

Born into a musical family, Carrie Mullings was surrounded by the sounds of reggae music from an early age. Her father, the late Karl Winston Mullings, was a pioneer of the Jamaica to Toronto musical explosion and shared his gift with Carrie and her younger sister, Tanya Mullings. Growing up, she was surrounded by reggae icons Jackie Mittoo, Jo-Jo Bennett, Pat Arthur, Lovindeer, and Glen Ricketts, who were great friends of her father.

In 2003, Carrie Mullings began to transform her passion for music into a career, joining the long-running Caribbean Crucible on Toronto’s CHRY 105.5 FM. Her vibrant personality captured listeners’ hearts and enriched their minds with her trademark dose of roots, reality, and culture. Carrie Mullings became the host of her own show, Rebel Vibez, in 2003 on CHRY 105.5 FM. She worked with passion and perseverance to enhance the Canadian music industry’s infrastructure through her show, which played Canadian Reggae exclusively and conducted interviews with both Canadian and international artists.

Over the years, Carrie Mullings gained much experience while managing the careers of JUNO Award winners Elaine “Lil Bit” Shepherd, Humble, Kafinal, Mikey Dangerous, and Kirk Diamond, to name a few. She is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the music and media industries, and her contributions to the Canadian Reggae music infrastructure have helped the continued growth and sustainment of the platforms needed for artists to share their powerful messages and voices.

In 2021, Carrie Mullings joined the Taste of The Caribbean (TOTC) Board of Directors. Since becoming an official member, she has continued to propel Canadian Reggae “The Culture,” further into the forefront of worldwide recognition and reception. This is how the nickname “Mumma Canada” was birthed.

While maintaining Rebel Vibez on Vibe105 FM for 20 years, Carrie can be heard every Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon on “The Virtual Shift,” a series powered by TOTC. The series featured some of Canada’s most multi-talented and focused Canadian Reggae artists, alongside some of the most fabulous food and restaurants across Canada. The featured owners and chefs discussed reggae music and our beloved cultural dishes.

The 20-year radio broadcasting veteran, has worked tirelessly over the last two decades to help build the reggae genre in Canada, both in quality and quantity. With her passion and zest, she has no intention of retiring anytime soon. Carrie Mullings is a pioneer in the Canadian reggae music scene and continues to inspire and uplift the community through her work.

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