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Minister Marion Hall Drops New Single

With a musical fusion of gospel, soul, and R&B, with flavours of rap, and dancehall, Minister Marion Hall’s latest single ‘I’m Doing Better’ was released on the Downsound Records label.

It has been described as a powerful message of triumph, praise, and faith delivered in an engaging package.  The song is a joint project by Hall, Downsound Entertainment CEO Joe Bogdanovich, and exceptional Jamaican musician and producer Gramps Morgan.  Hall attributes the vision and rendering of the song to God’s work.

“God is in the midst of everything to do with this song. He brought everything together. His will is being done through Marion Hall, Joe Bogdanovich, and Gramps Morgan… Joe and Gramps became a part of the song like parts of a divine puzzle.”

She continued: “Working with these two icons of Jamaican music has been a privilege for me. Their talent and professionalism were instructive, and a real pleasure, and I am proud that our label is associated with this song which is not only destined to be a major hit but is such an inspiration.”

In commenting on her return to Sumfest, Minister Hall noted that, as a dancehall star, she was the only woman who ever closed Sumfest, and, to be coming back to the stage in a different but far more powerful capacity was an amazing irony.

“I am coming back as a woman of God, seeking to save souls,” Hall charged.  She promised a riveting performance for her return to the Sumfest stage, “Whatever I do will be what God wants.”

She also cited 1 Corinthians 9: 19-23, in which God instructed the prophet Paul to make a connection with the people by coming to understand and know them in order to save them. Minister Hall observed that God often made unpopular decisions in pursuing the greater good.

Bogdanovich expressed his pleasure in participating in what he considers a very special and exciting project.

The Sumfest boss referenced his desire to have had Marion Hall on the Sumfest stage in 2022, “Many people in the industry were aware that I had hoped that Minister Marion Hall would have been with us for the return of Sumfest in 2022. But I now recognise that this year is the right time, and this project is far more ambitious and significant than anything we could have done last year. I am thrilled to be working with her and with Gramps Morgan.”

Bogdanovich noted that I’m Doing Better’ is a major element of the marketing of the 30th staging of Sumfest, a major milestone in the festival’s history. The Reggae Sumfest team will be pulling out all the stops to celebrate it.

The collaboration with Minister Marion Hall and Gramps Morgan is the first of several such projects. Bogdanovich advised that other projects in the pipeline include Freddie McGregor, highlighting his indomitable will, and a tribute to King Jammy, legendary record producer of the reggae and dancehall genres whose work spans the 70s, 80s and 90s and, “He is still raging.”

There is also an alliance with The Mitchells as well as a project with Tommy Lee who will be touring high schools to share positive lifestyle messages.

“Reggae Sumfest 2023 is going to be a thrilling journey. Visit our social media platforms and watch the media so as not to miss any of the exciting ventures we have planned,” Bogdanovich said.

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