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Michael St. George -Poet, Musician- Activist Delivers New Sound

With the release of his docu-poem, Michael St. George delivers ‘I Do Not Submit’ (IDNS), a masterpiece unmatched by anything in its arena and most fitting for these challenging times. ‘I Do Not Submit’ is undoubtedly another bold and inspiring body of work demanding reflection, action, perseverance, and celebration through song and poetry. 


IDNS was produced by Michael St. George and Ollie McGill from the multi-platinum-selling band, Cat Empire. The EP consists of songs like, ‘You Simply Cannot’, addressing the world locked down crises and ‘Great Idea’– a unique collaboration that includes Julian Bel-Bachir on Ngoni about positive change and rebuilding wholesome communities. 


Michael St George is a conscious artist who combines elements of dub, reggae and rock to create a futuristic landscape that simply rocks your soul. Inspired by the likes of Peter Tosh, Bob Dylan, Burning Spear, Leonard Cohen, Luke Dube and Gill-Scott Heron, his mission is to continue the legacy of quality music with inspiring and uplifting messages. 


St. George, also known internationally as a Rasta prophet, invoking elements of the oral traditions from his Maroon heritage into his productions. He presents his listeners with a fusion of poetry and songs reflecting the vibrancy and consciousness of his ancestral roots. IDNS is another thought-provoking and uplifting project that cements the quintessential and unmistakable sound of the Dub Rocker in activism and spirited music history. In issuing this, his sixth body of work, St. George highlights for all of us, the importance of remaining highly creative during these challenging times. “Given our current global crisis,” says St. George, “this is an invitation to move boldly forward with conscious action.” 


Benjamin Zephaniah (poet, playwright, author, actor) says, “Michael’s use of reggae music, fused with a uniquely oral poetic style, has made him a truly international artist. He is a member of the family of poets taking the oral tradition to new heights.” St. George was awarded the Ontario Federation of Labour Cultural Award which honours Canadian performers who have made an outstanding contribution to the arts and demonstrated commitment to advancing social justice. His work was included in the documentary series, ‘Speaking in Tongues: The History of Language, featuring the renowned linguist Noam Chomsky. 


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