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Maxine Reyes Comes Good

Perseverance is the message behind ‘If yuh Waan Good’, the new song from Maxine Reyes, a Jamaican singer based in South Florida. Released in February, it is produced by Chris Davis.

Remarkably, Reyes recorded the song shortly after they first met in Atlanta recently. She said there was an instant song writing chemistry and ‘If yuh Waan Good’ was born.

“This song speaks to the masses about pursuing what your heart desires. It encourages you not to give up on your dreams; although there may be times when you don’t see the light, you have to keep pushing forward and upward,” said Reyes.

The song title is based on an old Jamaican proverb (If yuh waan good, yuh nose haffi run). In other words, ‘if you want results, you have to work hard’. Which is something Reyes and Davis found common ground.

“The plan was to record a cover song, but after having a brief chat with me, he suggested that we do a writing session. I absolutely loved his approach to writing and recording,” she said.

Reyes was born in Kingston but raised in rural Manchester parish. After migrating to the United States, she attended high school in South Florida, then enlisted in the United States military, serving a total 22 years in the Army and Navy.

Prior to ‘If yuh Waan Good’, Reyes released several contemporary Christian songs such as ‘Victory is Yours’.

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