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Kirk Diamond Set to Unleash ‘Dread’ A Refreshing Take on Reggae

Canada’s two-time JUNO award-winning artist, Kirk Diamond, is gearing up to drop his debut album, ‘Dread,’ on October 6th, 2023, and the reggae world is abuzz with anticipation. A collaborative effort between Kirk Diamond and producer Finn, this 12-track album promises to deliver a sound that is both refreshing and steeped in reggae culture.

Diamond, known for his distinctive dreadlocks, explained that the album’s title, ‘Dread,’ was chosen to reflect a rugged and hardcore vibe, coupled with high-caliber lyricism. “It isn’t refined like what we hear nowadays,” Diamond noted. “The Title of the album is what we wanted it to sound like, Dread. Rugged and hardcore with high-caliber lyricism intertwined with the spirit of Reggae Culture.”

The inspiration behind the title runs deep, stemming from Diamond’s Rastafarian beliefs and a desire to be different. “When I think of the word Dread, you think of being hardcore, to be different from the rest, and I know this album is different from anything else you will hear.”

The album release party, scheduled for October 7th at the Drake Underground in Toronto, is an eagerly awaited event that promises to be a celebration of reggae culture. Special guests, including Tiffanie Malvo and Kairo Mclean, who are also featured on the album, will grace the stage.

The creative process behind ‘Dread’ was rooted in a shared love for the golden eras of reggae, the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Diamond and Finn aimed to carve their place in this legacy. Despite the pandemic’s setbacks, their determination to create prevailed. Standout tracks like ‘Reggae Party’ and ‘Bring it Good’ showcase their timeless collaboration with Kairo Mclean and Tiffanie Malvo, pushing Canadian reggae forward. ‘Reggae Party’ even boasts a Juno accreditation, underscoring the album’s caliber.

For Kirk Diamond, his music has always mirrored his evolution, and he hopes that ‘Dread’ will reflect his continued growth. In an era dominated by streaming, he also recognizes the importance of physical albums, a sentiment shared by producer Finn, who believes they still have a place, especially from a financial standpoint.

The collaboration process for ‘Dread’ was dynamic, with Finn often initiating ideas and creating drafts, followed by Diamond’s writing and recording. The album features guest appearances by artists like Lord Fury, Kairo Mclean, Tiffanie Malvo, Tiishy Vibes, and the legendary Ricky Trooper.

Kirk Diamond and his band embarked on the ‘Dread’ tour in May, engaging with fans and testing the album’s impact ahead of its release. This grassroots approach proved successful, especially given their independent status without a marketing budget. Their plan includes a second leg of the tour in 2023 and 2024, as well as a media promo tour in the UK in November 2023.

With ‘Dread,’ Kirk Diamond is poised to make a significant mark on the reggae scene, not only as an award-winning artist but also as a torchbearer for Canadian reggae music. The album’s fusion of refreshing sounds and traditional reggae elements is sure to resonate with fans worldwide.

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