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Jahn’ll Pays Tribute to Her Grandfather Clancy Eccles on New Single

Recording artiste Jahn’ll has paid tribute to her late grandfather, Jamaican music pioneer, Clancy Eccles, by sampling a part of his 1970s hit Sweet Jamaica into her new single ‘Why Yuh Do It’. 

Produced by Clancy Eccles for his Clan Disc label Sweet Jamaica was recorded and released by British record company Trojan Records in 1971. 

“When I was a little girl, I saw my grandfather working with a lot of other artistes in his recording and rehearsal studios. However, it I didn’t even know about most of his achievements and the work that he did as a pioneering ska, rocksteady, reggae artiste and producer until I began my own singing career.” 

“As I got more involved in the music business and people found out that Clancy Eccles is my grandfather, they would tell me about all the wonderful things he did during the early era of Jamaican music. I’m very proud to know that he helped to lay the foundation for the development of our music. So, I decided to pay homage to him by sampling a part of Sweet Jamaica into my new single,” said Jahn’ll. 

She said the song was inspired by things  she observed happening in the Jamaican society.  “When I look at what is going on with all this crime and violence in our society it’s heartbreaking. Every time I listen to the news I hear about children and women being abducted and killed. As a woman and a mother, I had to record this song and I hope its message will help to make a change,” she said. 

Produced by Ralston Barrett ‘Why Yuh Do It’ was released on the Symphony B Records imprint on August 4. Distributed VPAL Music the song is available on all popular digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. 

Jahn’ll is also promoting a single titled ‘Falling’ on the Pandemic Records label which was also released on August 4. 

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