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Jahn’ll Enjoys a Huge Buzz with Why Yuh Do It

Reggae singer Jahn’ll is currently enjoying a huge buzz with her new single titled ‘Why Yuh Do It’.  The song which was produced by Ralston Barrett was released on the Symphony B imprint on August 4.

Since then, it has been enjoying heavy rotation on several top local radio stations including IRIE FM, HITZ 92 FM and SUNCITY FM.

“I am tremendously pleased about the response that this song is getting. I must thank all the DJs who are playing it both locally and overseas. Everywhere I go people are telling me that they are hearing my song on the radio, and they love it,”

She also added, “I am not surprised at all about the response that it’s receiving because it’s social commentary at its best musically. I wrote this song to address what’s currently happening in the country with all this crime and violence. I sincerely hope it will help to change things for the better.”

The vivacious entertainer is also generating much attention with her single titled Falling on the Pandemic Records imprint.

“I feel truly blessed for everything that’s happening in my career right now. I am happy that I have multiple songs that are doing well on the radio, and I am very thankful for all the support that I am getting,” said Jahn’ll.

Jahn’ll is gearing up for the release of a sultry new single titled ‘Skin 2 Skin’ which is slated to be released by Symphony B Records next January.

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