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Isiah Mentor Battles Demons Among Us

Evil forces inspired roots singer Isiah Mentor to use his pen as a sword for ‘Demons Among Us’, his latest song. He believes positive messages are a repellent for dark agents.

Produced by the veteran artist, ‘Demons Among Us’, was released October 5 by his Village Roots Records.

“My ancestors told I to do this song based on the evilous behavior and psychology of some people in time. This behavior as been around for a long time but within my people it’s at a new level, so Mother Earth and my ancestors gave I This mission,” said Isiah Mentor.

‘Demons Among Us’ also continues a fresh phase in his career. In recent years, he has produced most of his songs for Village Roots Records in order to have more control of his music.  According to Isiah Mentor, this allows him to “express my spirituality and talent freely.” ‘Income’, one of his previous singles, was also done for Village Roots Records.

While it is being promoted digitally in all markets, he said special emphasis is placed on Europe his following is strongest. Isiah Mentor has performed on that continent’s biggest festivals including Uppsala in Sweden.

Originally known as Lilly Melody, he cut his teeth at the studio of legendary engineer Osbourne “King Tubby” Ruddock in the fabled community of Waterhouse in Kingston, Jamaica.  King Tubby produced Isiah Mentor’s 1988 album, ‘Don’t Give It to Me‘.

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