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George Reggae Man Barrett Celebrating 47 Years of Sweet Reggae Vibes

In the heart of Vancouver, a captivating reggae rhythm has been resonating for an astonishing 47 years, thanks to the dedication of George Reggae Man Barrett. A true icon in Canada’s reggae scene, Barrett has been the vibrant voice behind ‘The Reggae Show’ on CFRO 100.5 FM, making it the longest-running reggae radio show in the country. 

George Barrett’s journey began in the picturesque parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica, where the roots of reggae music ran deep in his bloodline. With the echoes of his renowned relatives, bassist Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett and drummer Carlton Barrett, famous for their collaborations with legends like Bob Marley and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, George arrived in Canada in the early ’70s, bringing with him a passion for reggae that would shape his destiny. 

In 1976, the radio waves of Vancouver were infused with a new energy as George Barrett introduced ‘The Reggae Show’ on CFRO-FM. For 47 years, his show has been a Saturday evening staple, capturing the hearts of music lovers across the city. Week after week, Barrett has serenaded listeners with the infectious sounds of reggae, providing a taste of his homeland that has become a cherished part of Vancouver’s cultural fabric. 

Beyond his radio presence, George Barrett’s impact on the community has been immeasurable. He is an active participant in Vancouver’s Jamaican community, offering his talents as a DJ, MC, and live show promoter. His commitment has earned him accolades including multiple Canadian Reggae Music Awards (CRMA) and West Coast Reggae-Caribbean Music Awards, highlighting his unwavering dedication to the reggae genre and its promotion. 

As ‘The Reggae Show’ marks its 47th anniversary, a special broadcast is planned for August 26th, 2023. The milestone celebration promises to be a momentous occasion, featuring a lineup of special guests and performances that pay homage to Barrett’s remarkable journey and the enduring influence of reggae music. 

George Reggae Man Barrett’s name has become synonymous with reggae in Canada, and his radio show’s longevity is a testament to his passion and the timeless allure of reggae music. For nearly half a century, he has been the rhythmic thread connecting Vancouver to the soulful beats of Jamaica. As fans tune in to celebrate the 47th anniversary, they’ll be reminded of the powerful impact one man’s love for reggae can have on an entire community.

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