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G Cole Goes Latin

It’s hard not to notice the Latin influence in South Florida, given the region’s massive Spanish population. For singer G Cole, their music is also magnetic.


‘She Said’, his latest song, is a blend of reggae and Latin. Released in October, it is produced by Ed Robinson, Ryan Smith and Loc Frequency.

G Cole has called South Florida home for many years and says the Latin presence there is inescapable.

“Absolutely, SoFlo is a melting pot, so if you’re in a party or club or even venues I’d play with my band, in between sets there’s a lot of Latin music being played. Also, on SoFlo radio, but honestly the way the Latin community embraces our music almost solicits automatic reciprocity,” he stated.

G Cole, who is originally from Ocho Rios, recently returned from Costa Rica where he recorded songs and checked out that country’s music scene.

Eight years ago, he did ‘When Girl Meets Boy’, a reggae-tinged song with Latin singer Sheyladow. It whetted his appetite to step outside of his comfort zone, which is lovers rock reggae.

‘She Said’ is the fourth single released from G Cole’s third album which he expects to be out in early 2024.

“Without giving too much away, this album has a specific purpose. It’s a lot of major chords, simple lyrics, catchy melodies and easy- listening hooks. It’s a lot of ‘don’t worry be happy’ without compromising the message,” he said.

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